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A bill to outlaw credit card use in online gambling has fallen over after a senate committee deemed it the responsibility of gambling companies and banks to tackle the problem. While gambling with credit cards is banned in casinos and pubs, online gambling with credit cards is still allowed. The result is disappointing for gambling experts and support groups.  A

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Is the ANZ BNPL capitulation a canary in the coal mine for credit cards?

Recent news of ANZ Bank finally capitulating and announcing their own version of Buy-Now-Pay-Later could be considered the canary in the coal mine for credit cards.  At a time when Australians managed to wipe $1.1 Billion off their credit card debt in a single month, it could be argued this archaic form of providing credit could be on it’s way

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SmartWayToPay Calls on Government to Cap Credit Card Interest at 10%

SmartWayToPay is calling on the federal government to cap credit card interest rates at 10% after ASIC recently confirmed that 1.9 million Australians were in persistent credit card debt. This comes at a time when it appears total personal credit card debt accruing interest in Australia appears to be locked at a consistent $20 billion, as it has remained for

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