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Govt Crypto Consultation Paper – What Does It Mean For Consumers?

ripple etehereum and bitcoin and micro sdhc card

This week the Australian Government released a Consultation Paper on a proposed regulatory framework for digital assets (aka cryptocurrencies). Its key objectives include:  Establishing licensing rules for crypto custody and exchanges Commence a token mapping exercise to better define different digital assets  Review of tax rules for crypto transactions and investment You can check out the paper in full here. 

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The government’s opening salvo in the crypto realm has been fired, and it comes with some interesting insights into how the government plans on regulating the tech. The main insight is into a proposed licensing scheme for cryptocurrency exchanges. It would appear that Crypto Asset Secondary Service Providers (referred to in the doc as CASSPrs) will be subject to their

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Business Insider Article- “Banks are ‘weaponising’ buy now, pay later myths, according to SmartWayToPay. Here’s what you need to know.”

Check out the excerpt of Business Insider’s article about BNPL Myths below. Buy now, pay later (BNPL) products such as Afterpay or Zip Pay have increased in popularity in recent years, with the Covid-19 pandemic seeing customer growth increasing dramatically.  It’s unsurprising why this is the case given the fact millennials are now 37% less likely to own a credit

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