All the info you need to pay the Smart Way.

Our Mission

We created SmartWayToPay because there’s a revolution occurring in how consumers pay for things and we wanted to empower them with the info to pay the Smart Way.

For decades consumers all over the world have battled high bank interest rates which are often well out of step with the Central Banks. This is certainly the case in the UK, USA and Australia.

Even worse, some ‘payday lenders’ have been charging interest rates in excess of 60% in these countries.

But finally we’re beginning to see a way out of the high-interest credit card debt trap.

Millions of consumers, right around the globe are embracing new zero-interest and low-interest ways to pay.

Australians have been chopping up credit cards at a rate of about 150 a day: they shut down 1.4 million accounts from August 2019 to August 2020 and paid down $7.5 BILLION of debt, which was about 27% of what they owed.

The UK too, has a problem with high interest credit cards. Over the past year, the number of deals available on 0% purchase and balance cards fell, as did the average number of interest-free days offered. Credit cards are getting less competitive.

However things are starting to change. Outstanding credit card debt in the UK recently came to £56 billion, a decrease of 22.4% in the year to January 2021.

In 2021, it’s finally happening. Consumers are starting to say no to high interest credit products and finding smarter ways to pay.

Let’s all get on board. Smart Ways To Pay are the future, and SmartWayToPay will help you buy the goods, choose the finance options and identify savings tricks without falling into a life-long debt trap.

Our History

SmartWayToPay started in Sydney Australia by the team at One Big Switch. One Big Switch have been campaigning for at the end of 2020 and is now spreading its wings around the world. Five years ago, One Big Switch launched a campaign called the ‘Big Debt Switch’ encouraging Aussies to wean ourselves off high-rate Credit Cards. In 2020, it’s finally happening! We’re now taking the fight to everywhere consumers are paying too much interest!