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SmartWayToPay’s mission is to provide our readers with information about the Smart Ways To Pay for goods and services, as well as all the dumb ways you can pay. We want to empower our readers to become savvier shoppers.

Most of the people involved with SmartWayToPay have had a long history in consumer advocacy. With Christmas coming up and therefore book buying season, we thought it only appropriate we share some books we think could help you become a smarter consumer! I, Dave Liston have outlined 5 below that are all different but have helped me understand how to spend better, as well as other important learnings about money and payments. 

  1. Kill Bills – Joel Gibson
    Joel Gibson is a well known consumer campaigner and spokesman. His professional history as a journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald as well as his time as Campaign Director at One Big Switch have put him in a great position to help you to never overpay for your household bills again. In other words, kill your bills!
  2. On Money – Rick Morton
    While this book may not teach you how to be smart with money, it shows you how much many people struggle with financial literacy. If you’re somewhat financially literate, you should be grateful for it. Read this and you will understand how difficult peoples’ lives can be without financial literacy. Hopefully it will inspire you to help others with theirs!
  3. The Barefoot Investor – Scott Pape
    This book won’t need much introduction to many of you. It’s wildly popular. The most I got out of this book was ‘it’s not too late to start’ with your financial education and savings journey. If you feel a little out of your depth when it comes to all things spending and saving, this book is a good beginners guide to understanding.
  4. Nudge – Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness – Richard H. Thaler
    This book really is a revelatory book on showing us how we make decisions. If you’ve suffered wild impulses to buy something when you think (or know) you probably can’t afford it, then this book is for you. It unpacks consumer behaviour like no others and is highly entertaining also!
  5. Facebook: The Inside Story – Steven Levy
    While this isn’t a ‘how to save money’ type book, it’s a really important one for people to read if they want to understand the power of Facebook and it’s advertising platform.
    Google and Facebook have a huge amount of power. While they’re great tools for many people, however it’s important to understand just how powerful they are.

    At SmartWayToPay we make it no secret that we think new Fintech platforms like BNPL can be great for consumers in terms of not paying interest. We also think the BNPL sector represents a good alternative to the Facebook and Google acquisition duopoly. Like Facebook and Google, BNPL is primarily a lead acquisition tool used by businesses to get more customers. We think the more competition in this space, the better! 

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