Who are the Tech Council of Australia?

You may have heard about a new peak body advocating for Australia’s tech businesses; the Tech Council of Australia.  

The Tech Council of Australia is a recently formed peak body primarily representing Australia’s tech sector. However they also represent firms in the broader tech ecosystem, including venture capitalists, advisers and tech-enabled businesses outside the tech sector.

You may have read about them recently commenting on the $1 billion Google investment in Australia, or lobbying both major parties to back it’s plan to deliver one million tech jobs by 2025. The Tech Council of Australia say they have three roles: 

Policy: We work closely with the industry and government on policy areas that grow the tech sector and jobs in it, such as supporting talent development; incentivising growth and investment; and ensure regulatory settings across the economy work for the tech-enabled economy.

Research: We undertake unique, data-driven research into the impact of the tech sector, and key issues impacting it

Engagement: As the unified voice for the sector, we bring government decision-makers and industry together to engage on the role, value and benefits of the tech sector to Australia

We here at SmartWayToPay believe that a unified voice in the tech sector can help advocate for many of the FinTech businesses we also advocate for. The Australian tech sector is in a seriously exciting phase and anything to help grow that in a positive way for Australia is one we support. 

Find out more about the Tech Council here. 

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