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A lot of free money could be available to you! Yes, we know, that’s the oldest marketing trick in the book, but it’s true. There are a couple of websites we’ve put together to help you claim back some money you could be owed.

While they’re not firmly in the space of FinTech companies, if getting that money back from credit card companies that often charge 20% in interest, we think it’s a worthy space for SmartWayToPay to explore. 

Junk Insurance Refunds

Junk Insurance Refunds are a relatively new way of claiming money back that could pay serious dividends. Anyone who has ever had a credit card, car loan, or personal loan could be eligible for a refund. Consumer remediation service Remediator has paid refunds up to $17,000 to one family.  However $2,179 is the average refund for customers. Which we think is pretty great! 

Unclaimed Superannuation 

Unclaimed superannuation is still a major oversight for many Australians, with over $20 billion still unclaimed. $6,554 is the average lost or unclaimed super Australians are owed. It rarely makes any sense for anyone to have more than one Superannuation account. Consolidate them all in your MyGov account ASAP!

Unclaimed Cash! 

Did you know the state or federal governments are holding free, unclaimed money for many, many Australians? 

There are billions of dollars waiting to be picked up by people who have moved address, changed name, lost paperwork or been left an inheritance they don’t know about.

Check out the following websites, and simply enter your name to see if you could be owed money. Don’t stop there, check for your parents, grandparents, kids, friends, whoever! It might be the best Christmas present they’ve received! 

WA: WA Department of Treasury

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