Zip and Afterpay join Way Forward to further strengthen their hardship programs

This week there was news that Zip and Afterpay have partnered with Way Forward, the preeminent Australian debt solutions charity. This partnership is set to further strengthen Zip and Afterpay’s existing hardship programs

Way Forward is a not for-profit-organisation helping people in financial difficulty become debt free. They offer Australians debt advice and free financial support to help manage their debts. 

For Australia’s two major BNPL providers to partner with such an organisation is a positive move and shows their further commitment to supporting their customers.

The way the partnership will work is that Afterpay and Zip will refer relevant customers to the free Way Forward service, “to have one payment paid to Way Forward that is then spread across their creditors in a manageable way.”

Right now, the average total debt among Way Forward clients tops $54,000, spread across an average of 3.8 creditors. Considering this, one could assume Afterpay and Zip debts will be the least of their worries. Both Zip and Afterpay only lend up to $1000 to an individual user.  Nevertheless, the partnership is a positive move. 

The banks are trying to undermine BNPL because consumers are dumping their credit cards – SmartWayToPay recently published an article about this. The truth is that Afterpay and Zip are much lower risk, and this latest news shows that they are committed to doing the right thing by their customers. 

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